Tailored Support Services

Tailored Support Services provide support services through the NDIS and the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women. Our supports include respite, emergency respite, community access, in-home support, supported independent living, accommodation support and individualised plans to individuals who wish to access our services. 

Tailored Support Services

Tailored Support Services

“Great communication and service as ever. Thank you for everything”


Our Core Values


We believe that TRUST is the most important ingredient in any relationship. We must always do what is right and we accept that trust must be earned – often over a long period of time.


We treat all individuals, staff and volunteers with dignity and RESPECT.


We aim to deliver a high QUALITY service by being innovative, flexible and creative with our service delivery whilst meeting individual and family needs.


Individuals and families feel EMPOWERED to determine their own needs. Our staff will be guided by each individual and their families’ self-directed preferences.


We are especially mindful of our responsibility to create an environment that is INCLUSIVE. One that is welcoming to all, where each person feels accepted, valued and safe equal citizens within their communities.


Above all else, we make a COMMITMENT to act. We look for opportunities rather than seeing the barriers. Our approach is objective, transparent and fair and no matter how challenging, we will see it through to the end.