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Full-time and part-time family carers need regular time away from their important role of caring for family members and friends to re-charge and be able to continue with the great job that they are doing.
Respite can be provided within the individuals home, during a social outing or at our Respite house, which is located on the Sunshine Coast. Activities during Respite stays will be identified through our Parent/Carer Report meetings. We believe that it is important that individuals remain in touch with their personal interests and continue to be provided with social and mental stimulation during their stay.

Person-Centred Support

A person-centred approach is about ensuring someone with a disability is at the centre of decisions, which relate to their life. A person-centred process includes listening, thinking together, understanding, learning and sharing experiences and ideas to reach an outcome that will best suit the individual.

All thinking and actions are based upon what is important to the person from their own perspective, their wants needs and beliefs that contributes to their full inclusion within society